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How Do You Find Your Niche?

You Want to Start a Website

Here's how to find your niche market for those work from home online jobs.

This is what you need to do to find that all important niche market that well give your readers and Google what they want and need.

I know when I started working from home, I had a few ideas for what I thought were profitable niches but after doing research, to my surprise, most of them would not make money at home online.

So what should you do to find that niche?  

Well the answer is quite simple, do a lot of niche research!!!

Site Concept (Find Your Niche)

Please note: When I refer to find your niche and Site Concept I am using these terms inter-changeable as meaning the same. 

This is possible the most important thing that you well do to find your niche. Get this wrong and you probably would not enjoy yourself or make a lot of money from your work from home website.

I can hear you say to yourself - OK but what is he talking about Site Concept?

When you find your niche or site concept it is a keyword or keyword phrase. You use that keyword or phrase to focus on the webpage you are writing. 

Another way to think about what a keyword is - it is what you put in your search engine when you are looking for something.

Not to put to fine a word on it, what you do choosing your site concept will affect how the rest of your business does. 

You may think that you would love to start a site about something just because you love the concept or topic so much.

But how do you really know when you find a niche that you love that you will also make a profit?

  • There must be a demand - There has to be enough people coming to your site looking for information about your site concept. Example: If you started a site about turnip growing in Siberia, you might will find yourself not making money as not to many people will be trying to find that information.

  • Your Site Concept is Used By Many - Say you like to travel and you start a website about just travel. Not Good. Your competitors will be anyone from the large airlines and hotels to the travel website about Naples beach in Florida. The competition will just be to tough for you.

    As they say in the newspaper business You will just never make the Front Page! In other words you will never get to page 1 or 20 or even 100 on the Google or other search engines. You really want to be in the first three pages on Google search for your site concept and some or most of your keywords.

    When you are trying to find your niche make sure make sure you hit the happy medium so that those people looking for your information will find you.

  • Are You Excited About Your Choice? - Even when you find your niche and if you get the demand right you still must be excited about your choice. If that doesn't happen then you will soon lose interest, you will stop working on your website and you will go into oblivion.

  • Are You Going To Make Money? - Is there really good options for you to make money from your website like Google AdSense, being an affiliate or selling your own product. There are many ways to make money from a website, just make sure when you find your niche there are ways to do this.

  • Time? - Make your site concept to fall inline with the time you have to work on the site. If you only have a few hours a week then you don't want a website about America, maybe a better concept would be a neighborhood in New York City or perhaps wine growing in California.

If you take the above points into consideration you will be on your way to building a website you love and will make you money.

Remember, you might like your website but if no one comes to it, there will be no income.

So please, please, please spend all the time needed to do this.

How To Find Your Niche or Site Concept?

1. Start a list of niches that you would be interested in.  Just start writing let your mind really go, what are things you would like to do?  Do not put any restrictions on yourself at this stage. 

If you are having problems thinking of concepts remember Everyone   knows something about something. When you are trying to find your niche you might think it is trivial or unimportant, don't think like that put it down on your list, you might be surprised. 

When I started I had about twenty things or site concepts that I would like to have done. I thought wouldn't it be nice to do all of them. 

Hey! Back to reality that would just not be possible. So why have so many choices to begin with.

Read On.

2. Really the idea was to give you lots of, what I call thinking room.

Now we have to get that twenty or however many you have. (You don't have to have twenty but I would suggest to try for at least a minimum of 6) down to three choices to continue to find your niche that you will love and make money with.

Why three? You have to have at least three to compare. 

You might be thinking the only thing interesting in is baking. The site concept just for the keyword phrase baking would be very hard to get to the front page of Google.  Why not have three concepts of baking like baking recipes for comfort food, baking tips or baking from a particular section of society or country.

Before you do your research, this is where you want to get it down to your last three choices in trying to find your niche.

3. Now start doing some research and decision making to find your niche. 

You should now be ready to go from your final three to that one important site concept to find your niche.

What Is The Minimum Demand Acceptable?

As mentioned you should have enough people visiting your website to receive acceptable income from it. But what is acceptable?

The monthly demand for the keyword of your website concept should be over 3,000, plus you should have two or more keywords on your site concept that are over 1,000 demand and at least 10 or more that are in the hundreds.

If the demand of the main site concept keyword or phrase is borderline and you only have a few other keywords that the demand is only in the hundreds, then the website well probably not support you with income.

Of course there are always exceptions to the rule.

Say you are a local real estate agent and you start a website.  Your demand of people visiting that site well be low but your potential for making money will be great.

Is Higher Demand Good?

In other words you find a niche that has hundreds of thousands of people finding your site concept every month.

This is good right? Wrong - Wrong - Wrong

For you, just starting out, the demand to look at your website should never be more than 200,000 monthly.

Usually it's easy to win a niche when the demand is 30,000-70,000.


If the real supply from your competitors of that keyword concept is over 200,000 it is  just too much.

The competition is just to great and you probably won't have the time and resources to win this niche. (getting to page one of Google search)

However, going back to what I said before, having a website just about Travel is just to great to capture.

But if you have a website about beaches in Florida than the demand and supply for that keyword phrase will give you a good chance to capture that niche and get to page one of Google.

In other words when you find your niche make sure it is not too broad.

Time To Rule Out!

What do I mean by this?

If any of your three sites do not meet the criteria of demand and real supply then it is most likely you can rule them out. 

If more than one meets the criteria then to find your niche is a simple matter of choosing the one you want.

This I would think would be the one you show the most passion for, have the time and knowledge to work on the site and it will make you money.

How Are You Going To Do All Of This?

You have many choices for websites and tools that you can use to find your niche.

You could use Google AdWords Keyword Planner to find your demand and supply on your keyword concepts.

This is free but would mean you doing all the analysis yourself, keeping spreadsheets and everything else it entails.

Plus the learning curve is really quite large when you are using this tool to find keyword phrases for a site concept. You really do have to know what you are looking at and what it means.

I use the tools furnished by Site Build It! 

Have a look at the Perfect Preparation tools on the Site Build It! tools page. By all means have a look at the other tools described that are for your use. They really are unbeatable. 

You even have an Action Guide to help you.

As mentioned before there are other sources and a couple of these are found in the right hand column.

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